My name is Haritha, a huge fan of XRP and I am on a quest to obtain 1 Million XRP.

Anybody who really understands XRP will just love it and will try to accumulate as much as possible.

I too tried hard but my resources are so limited that I could only accumulate few hundred coins.

Its pretty lame but I would appreciate if you could transfer a minimum of 5 XRP's into the below address and help me achieve the 1 Million XRP Goal.

3 is my favorite number but you need to transfer 5 XRP's

I am a huge fan of Nikola Tesla hence obsessed with the number 3 but it looks like most of the exchanges allow only minimum 5 XRP withdrawal hence i have set this limit. If you want to learn more about number 3 you can google it or Let me Google that for you

What’s in it for you?

Once the account accumulates 1 Million XRP I will select a random user who has transferred a minimum of 5 XRP to the below address and share half a million XRP to them.

How the half-a-million XRP winner will be chosen?

You need to have your own public and private key generated. You need to maintain 20 XRP as reserve if you need to have your own wallet. It's like minimum balance, which can't be withdrawn. Do not send XRP from exchanges like Binance, Kraken, etc. It has to be from your own wallet.

Update: Since most of them do not own a personal wallet and based on the feedback i have received from people, now you can send both from personal wallet or from your exchange.

When you transferring the XRP from your exchange. It will ask for XRP Address and Tag. In XRP address provide the address that i have given below and in the tag enter your exchange Tag.

If you are not sure how to generate your own public and private keys or no clue of what i am speaking about, please refer to the below links first:

Transfer a minimum of 5 XRP to the below given address (ensure that you also include the transaction cost while transferring), more is merrier. Anything less is not acceptable unless you want to just donate it and don’t expect anything in return.

Transfer XRP's to this address only: rJ9wpkzjLfzW96ZNPVtJzFJNhQG7bQdAQ9

When you transfer from your exchange account please enter the tag of your address.This is very important since when the winner happens to be an exchange member the only way i can transfer money is using both the Address and Tag. You can find it in your exchange wallet. It should look like something as shown below:

Ripple Address and Tag

Once you have transferred the XRP’s, send the below tabular details to halfamillionxrp@gmail.com

Your Name Email ID XRP Address XRP Tag Transferred XRP Quantity Transaction ID
Your Full Name Please provide a valid email id. This should be your own address (the private key should be with you) from which you have made the transaction or it could be an address of exchange where you have registered. if you are sending from exchange then you need to fill this. If you are sending from personal wallet put some number. 5 XRP is minimum but the more is merrier. Specify the qty of XRP you have transferred. You will get a transaction id when you transfer the XRP’s please provide it in here.

Important Points to Remember

If you are transferring funds from your exchange then ensure you take care of minimum withdrawal amount and Transaction Fee imposed by your exchange.

For example, in Binance, the minimal withdrawal is 22 XRP and the fee is 0.25000000 so you should enter 25.25000000. If your transaction fee is 0.0100 XRP then enter 5.0100. Hope you got it.

This is a static html page so i will be manually updating the list of names of the users who have transferred the XRP in a separate page.

Once the million XRP target is achieved i will randomly select a user based on the information that you had emailed me and display the XRP address that has won the half-a-million XRP

Got any questions just email me